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transitioning through urban space

الانتقال عبر الفضاء الحضري


Do you get harassed in the street? And what is your reaction if you do?

School girl: 

I don't reply to him, if he approaches I walk away. I can't do more than that.

I can't reply to him, if I reply to him then I am descending to his level; 

and then he will approach, use his hands  and maybe even reply in an impolite manner.

- School girl's opinion about sexual harassment in Egyptian streets

Vulnerable traces

آثار ضعيفة

Methodological exploration of wax modelling, tracing and imprinting.

Mapping harassment

مضايقة الخرائط

A speculative wax mapping of the traces of harassment experienced by women in urban public space.

The Street or The Alley

Undesired touch

Movement through the Alley

Arrival within the city

Imprint remaining on the skin

Undesired stroke

Violent slap

Imprints remaining on the skin

Violent punch

Experiential map

الخريطة التجريبية

A wax skin tapestry of harassment.

The female body in the city

الجسد الأنثوي في المدينة

An exploration of the female body in the city of Johannesburg.

The female body is found to occupy urban space primarily in transit.

The male body is found to occupy space not only in transit but in a state of loitering

Creating a place of ownership in the urban space

The sidewalk dweller, the street vendor

أم الرصيف ، الباعة الجائلين

The female body is also found within the city of Cairo to dwell on the threshold between the street and the building.

recipe of economic empowerment: Aish Baladi (puffed Egyptian bread)  

وصفة التمكين الاقتصادي: عيش بلدي (خبز مصري منتفخ).

  • 2 cups all purpose flour, and a little extra for work surface

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • ¾ cup of milk

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • Street edge

  • Informal economic boundary

  • Urban planning framework

  • Informal market

  • Food stand


Collect the right ingredients.

Pour the flour, salt, milk and olive oil.

Mix the ingredients on the economic surface.

Prepare your economic empowerment for baking.

deconstructing the ingredients of safe SPACES IN eGYPT

تفكيك مكونات المساحات الآمنة في مصر

An investigation of the devices that govern the creation of safe spaces in Egypt.

The Domestic Space


  • The Male Authority Figure

  • The Timber front door

  • The four lever door lock

The Women's Shelter



  • Thick Exterior Stone wall

  • Peep Window within the door 

  • Security cameras

The Police Station



  • Ornamented Architrave

  • Large scale  entrance door 

  • Security cameras

  • Police officer enforcement

The Egyptian High Court of Justice



  • Large scale

  • The colonnade  

  • Egypt's Legislation 

The OBJECT as an animate object

المقعد ككائن متحرك

The work explores the methodology of breathing life into an inanimate object as a bench is imagined, through surrealism,  as an active participant with the observer in an art gallery.

exploring a recipe for Passage to safety

المرور إلى بر الأمان

A drawing that Illustrates a passage to safety.

site landing

Talaat Harb street

"There were two other friends with me, a female and her male.

We felt like we were in a war - I had my self defense spray. It was emptied on the endless number of guys who surrounded us and yet still wasn't enough. 

We, girls, had our butts, breasts , and every inch of our bodies grabbed. I ended up slipping into a car that was parking on the road side when I tried to catch one of the mother fuckers who insisted and never gave up grabbing my butt. So, I end up with a deep cut in my right hand palm and another one on my thumb of the same hand as I slipped into the car's headlight that broke and cut my hand..."

- GIRL4CAIRO, blogger

Women's shelter

ملجأ للنساء

This drawing explores the proposal of predictive policing written in the program of a women's shelter.

The clothing store

دكان الملابس

Ingredients of creating safety:

  • Camouflage

  • Filter/Tint

  • Reflection

  • Illusion

  • Female Street Vendor: surveillance 

the women's bathroom

حمام النساء

Ingredients of creating safety:

  • Gender Barrier

  • Side Entrance

  • Escape foyer

  • Secret Language of rituals

Exploration of the façade

استكشاف الواجهة

A model exploration of the façade as a barrier of skin between  the sidewalk and the shelter.

The Façade as a protective skin

الواجهة كجلد واقي

The façade imagined as an active participant of safety on the street

Layers of resistance and refuge

طبقات المقاومة والملجأ

An illustration of an imagined architectural territory of refuge and resistance.


عناصر من الأراضي المعمارية